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Subscribe for full access As a reaction to mass production, ‘art pottery’ enjoyed wide popularity at the end of the 19th century. Among the most successful and enduring was the Moorcroft pottery in Cobridge, Staffordshire. Unusual forms in otherwise commonly encountered patterns will command a premium. Within a year he was in charge of the company’s ornamental ware department and, by , the Art Nouveau-influenced Florian Ware that perfected the technique of trailing slip known as tube-lining had won him a gold medal at the St Louis International Exhibition. Since , when the Moorcroft family bought out Liberty, the pottery has had a chequered ownership history but has continued to produce wares in the distinctive tube-lined style. Sally Tuffin now of Dennis Chinaworks produced designs for Moorcroft between and while in , year-old Rachel Bishop joined Moorcroft as only its fourth designer in almost a century. In a new Moorcroft Design Studio was established and employed several designers to extend the range of products. Range Early in his employment at Macintyre’s, William Moorcroft created designs for the company’s Aurelian Ware transfer-printed wares enamelled in red, blue and gold followed soon afterwards by Florian Ware that combined Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts forms and natural motifs with the technique known as tube-lining that has been used in almost all of Moorcroft’s art pottery ever since. Among the Macintyre ranges were Poppy , the Hazeldene landscapes with trees , Claremont with its toadstool motif , Tudor Rose and the largely monochromatic Flamminian Ware showing Moorcroft’s growing interest in the use of lustre glazes.

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A rare William Moorcroft salt glaze Dawn pattern bowl decorated in typical blue colourway. Signed in blue with W. Dating circa Moorcroft Macintyre Poppy Design Vase Vase of slender baluster form, finely tube lined and decorated in red, blue and green in the Macintyre Poppy design within forget-me-not borders on a cream ground. A rare specimen vase was exhibited at the British Empire Exhibition in The Moonlit Blue has become very popular with serious collectors.

Jun 23,  · Collecting Old Chinese Pottery., Bilderesultat For Chinese Pottery Marks Identification, Table Below Shows The 60 Year Jiazi Cycle Dating System., Antique Chinese Vase Markings Awesome Design #6 Antiques Marks & Appraisal – – YouTube.

Browse Categories With Pictures: William’s artistry and designs were quickly recognized for their quality and innovation. His first important design was the Aurelian Ware, part transfer and part hand painted. Very shortly thereafter, around the turn of the century, he developed his famous Florian Ware, with heavy slip, done in mostly blue and white. Since the early s there has been a succession of designs, most of them very characteristic of the company.

The s were good years for Moorcroft, partnering with a well known London store Liberty to offer its unique flambe glaze pottery to the eager public. In Queen Mary, who had been collecting his pottery, made him “Potter to the Queen,” and the pottery was so stamped up until Moorcroft went through a Japanese stage in the early teens with his lovely lustre glazes, oriental shapes, and decorations.

During the mid-teens he began to produce his most popular Pomegranate Ware and Wisteria often called ‘Fruit’.

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Kya deLongchamps is intrigued by the technique and tale of Moorcroft Pottery. These early pieces start in the high hundreds in perfect condition THERE are some factories in ceramics that are relatively easy to identify, and in the case of Moorcroft Pottery, just a touch can tell you everything you need to know. Still in business from their original brick factory in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent re-imagining through some financial and creative upsets , this is not simply a tale of very old Moorcroft.

The quality of work by recent contributing female artists to their limited editions from the Moorcroft Design Studio est , including Sally Tuffin, and later Nicola Slaney is sensational. Sally Tuffin Bramble design.

Technique If there is anything that makes Moorcroft pottery different from its competitors, it is the techniques involved in its manufacture. Of these techniques the use of tube-lining is the most.

Leuchtenbhurg China Very pretty antique child’s cup with cute graphics of a boy and girl with two animals, a sheep and goose. Marked on underside “Leuchtenburg Germany” with a graphic of a castle turret. From the style and type, we believe this to be an antique piece minimally a vintage child’s cup , likely dating to the early ‘s. This was found out of a home.

The multi-color graphics encircle about half the cup with the remainder left blank. The order on the cup shows the white sheep first, followed by the boy dressed in what may be a shepherd’s type outfit as he is carrying a curved shepherd’s staff and wearing a broad-rimmed hat, followed by a white goose, and ending with a girl in a bonnet and skirt carrying what looks like a plate or dish of bread or simple cake. The cup has a white base coloring with pink highlighting near the rim and a bit of pink on the handle.

Porcelain child’s cup was made with a slight fluting to the upper edge it is not a smooth round circular top although the form is definitely circular and raised in-mold design on the outside near the top edge in a repetitive arch form with raised dots. As made, this raised design was not evenly done around the cup with a large smooth section missing this design along the top in the area about midway from the sheep to midway of the boy. This is not wear on the cup but a manufacturing flaw there is no wear in the paint pink coloring here.

Perhaps the porcelain wasn’t fully applied in the mold or there was an error in the mold.

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Moorcroft des signature in green, McIntyre printed backstamp. There is a small factory firing indentation, under the pattern on the bottom base near the rim. Very attractive and collectible the “Violet” pattern items seem to be getting scarce. This large vase measures approximately 17cms high by 19cms at its widest point. Bears the Moorcroft impressed signature and Jug datestamp.


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Introduction In the history of Moorcroft Pottery two players emerge, that is William and his son Walter. The father William innovated Moorcroft pottery and his son carried on the tradition. It is generally agreed that the father was the great figure in this unfolding event. His innovation and quality is revered the world over. Born in Burslem, England in he studied in schools of craft and obtained his Art Masters Certificate in

Moorcroft Marks & Dating Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft Marks A Guide to Moorcroft Marks and identifying dates for Moorcroft Pottery. The moorcroft pottery has mainly remained in the hands of one family since its creation and Moorcroft mark changes have been quite few. Moorcroft: A Guide to Moorcroft.

How to Accurately Describe Condition! Our goals in presenting this glossary are to: Provide buyers and sellers with a common language for the condition of glass or pottery items. Prevent conflicts regarding the condition of a pottery or glass item. What We Mean by Flaws and Damage: Flaws Flaws are defects, visible marks or inclusions made during the manufacturing process that should be included in the auction description.

These flaws do not always affect value but they may do so, depending on visibility and severity. For example, a few seed bubbles in the stem of an antique glass piece will most likely not affect value. However seed bubbles throughout the whole piece may affect the value. In either case, the bubbles should be described in the auction. The presence of a variety of kiln marks on some types of pottery is common and is not generally considered a flaw, but, again, should be described.

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William Moorcroft created designs for the Macintyre’s Aurelian Ware range of high-Victorian pottery, which had transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in bold red, blue and gold colours. He also developed the art nouveau-influenced Florian Ware which was decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining.

William Moorcroft’s designs won him a gold medal at the St.

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From sporting to hardware pencils, figural, regal and fruit pencils, the collection epitomises the very best of whimsical British design with the majority created by English manufacturer Sampson Mordan, in addition to examples from other noted makers including Tiffany and Asprey. Ken is a regular exhibitor and has decided to take this opportunity to show his collection to our many thousands of enthusiastic collectors.

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With more than 20, visitors over four hectic days, Antiques for Everyone is the most popular vetted and datelined fair in Britain. Exhibits are vetted for quality and authenticity by specialist committees empowered to remove any exhibit that fails to meet the strict criteria designed to ensure buyers can make their purchases in confidence. TV celebrity expert Mark Hill will be revealing his latest collection of 20th century ceramics, a range of Ricardia Art Pottery. As the glazes were applied by hand, the colours and effects on each piece are unique.

Antiques for Everyone offers plenty of choice for the most discerning collector. The fair is well known for its large number of specialist ceramics and glass dealers, making it the most important event in Britain for pottery and porcelain collectors. Fine art galleries provide a wide choice of styles and periods.

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